NYS Men's Amateur Championship

Last Chance Qualifier

Host: Glen Oak Golf Course (East Amherst, NY)

Dates: Monday, August 5, 2019

Entry Fee: $100 (Qualifying Players Fee $75)

Deadline: Thursday, August 1st at 5:00pm


General Information


This championship is open to male amateur golfers who meet the following requirements:

  • Membership: Be a member of the NYSGA, defined as either (1) belonging to an NYSGA member club or (2) joining the NYSGA as an 2019 NYSGA eClub member. Note, to be eligible to compete as an NYSGA eClub member, entrants must also be a NYS resident.
  • Handicap: Have a USGA Handicap Index issued by an NYSGA member club of 8.4 or less at the time of registration.
  • Age: There are no age restrictions for this championship.
  • Players cannot have already attempted to qualify at another sectional qualifier.

Play will be blue tees at approximately 6,700 yards.



There are 25 players for 4 qualifying spots. There are no alternates. Ties for the 3rd spot will be broken by sudden death playoff.

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Terms and Conditions for the Championship.



The availability and pricing of practice rounds is set at the discretion of the host club. Please contact the club for more information.



The use of a golf cart is included in the entry fee for this qualifier, although its use is not required. There is a limit of two carts per group. If only two players are riding, they are required to take only one cart. The use of carts will not be permitted during Championship rounds.


The NYSGA's "One-Seat" Policy is in effect, which states that the player is entitled to one-seat in the cart, which can be used by the player or his caddie. A player and his caddie must not ride at the same time, regardless if there is space available.


Players are permitted to use push carts, whether motorized or manual.



A player may provide his own caddie for any round of the Championship. Caddies are required to dress appropriately (proper golf attire) and act in a manner consistent with the etiquette of golf.



If you player must withdraw, please contact the NYSGA office at 315-471-6979. A refund of $50 will be issued if notice is received 48 hours prior to the start of your qualifier.



Players are required to wear neatly pressed, traditionally accepted golf attire. If a player is found to be wearing clothing contrary to this code, or is wearing acceptable clothing in a non-traditional manner, he will be asked to make the necessary corrections or risk the penalty of disqualification.